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Part of Tesla's legacy

After the death of Nikola Tesla in January 1943, all his legacy belonged to his nephew Sava Kosanović by the decision of the American authorities. Sava was then a member of the Government of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in exile in New York. After his death, all of Nikola Tesla's property was transferred from the New Yorker Hotel to the warehouses and warehouses of Manhattan, where Tesla kept some of his belongings while he was still alive. The items arrived in them. They were placed in a warehouse that Tesla used in New York and when Sava Kosanović transferred the legacy.
On the proposal of the Council for Science and Culture, on December 5, 1952, the Government of the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia passed the Decision on the Establishment of the Nikola Tesla Museum. The museum was opened to the public on October 20, 1955 and was the first technical museum in the former Yugoslavia. On that occasion, for the first time, a permanent exhibition was presented where visitors can observe faithfully made models according to Tesla's designs.
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