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Original Tesla Induction Motor. The first design of a motor with a stator around which two pairs of coiled wires are wound - a rotor, which enable the operation of a two-phase motor.


Prvi Teslin asinhroni motor uspješno je realiziran u njegovoj radionici-laboratoriju u ulici Liberty 89 u New Yorku 1887 godine.
In the period 1887-1888. Nikola Tesla filed for seven U.S. patents which described a complete AC power system, at the heart of which was his new invention: the polyphase induction motor.
One pair is at the north and south positions, while the other pair is at the east and west positions, and this is the arrangment of a two-phase motor. The currents going to one pair of windings are 90º out of phase with the currents going into other pair of windings, which causes the stator to generate a rotating magnetic field. This rotating magnetic field induces an alternating current in the rotor which in turn generates a magnetic field. The magnetic field of the rotor attempts to align with the rotating magnetic field of the stator, and this causes the rotar to rotate.
Tesla’s induction motor was at the center of the battle of the currents. Its innovative design and resulting efficiency have revolutionized not only the power industry but also the complete way of life.
Here is what you can read today (2021) on the IEEE website about this patent:
Today, some 12 billion small, nonindustrial motors are sold every year, including some 2 billion tiny (as small as 4 millimeters in diameter) DC devices used for cellphone vibration alerts, whose power requirements come to only a small fraction of a watt. At the other end of the spectrum are 6.5- to 12.2-megawatt motors powering French rapid trains (TGV), while the largest stationary motors used for compressors, fans, and conveyors have capacities exceeding 60 MW. This combination of ubiquity and power range makes it clear that electric motors are truly indispensable energizers of modern civilization.
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