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1852 Serbian astronomer Milorad Protić discovers a new astroid at the Belgrade Observatory. This smaller planet was named in memory of Nikola Tesla.

The approved statement on the appointment was published by the Minor Planet Center on March 7, 1985.
The official mark is 2244 Tesla.
Carbon is an asteroid from the central region of the asteroid belt, approximately 25 kilometers in diameter. Its selenographic latitude is -2.0 °, and its length is -132.0 °.
Not wanting to enter the foggy speculative area, I still can't help but notice the astrological meaning of the number carried by Tesla's asteroid. Tesla himself was for some time (according to his own words in his autobiography) obsessed with numbers, so the choice of the "angelic" number does not seem random.
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Nikola Tesla PHOTO: http://tesla.sveznadar.info
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