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In 1939, Tesla asked Mestrovic to make his statue
Right: telegram to Tesla Meštrović and Meštrović's answer Left: Bust of the Tesla Museum in Belgrade and statue in Zagreb
Source Wikimedia commons; assembly MM


Due to the obligations of Meštrović and Tesla's death, the project of making the statue has been postponed.
As promised in the telegram, Meštrović immortalized Tesla without any compensation .
He made two sculptures: a bust (1952) which is kept and shown in the Tesla Museum in Belgrade, and a statue (1954) which was originally (1956) placed in a park in front of the Ruđer Bošković Institute in Zagreb, and now (since 2006) is located in the city center of Zagreb, on the corner of Masarkova and Preradovićeva streets.
Meštrović's congratulations to Tesla are especially interesting, which were most often replicas of his works.
It is interesting that Meštrović mediated with Tesla (1929) in publishing his (Tesla's) autobiography published by Matica Srpska.
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