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In 1900, Tesla published a brochure explaining the concept of wireless transmission of energy and information
Left article from 1911 explaining Tesla's "World System"
Right (top) Original Tesla's illustrations of the "World System"

"World system" is a concept based on wireless energy transmission. Tesla conducted experiments in Colorado Springs and later on Long Island, which confirmed the correctness of this concept. Tesla's "world system" is based on his own inventions such as: Tesla's transformer, Magnifying Transmitter, ie a transformer specially tuned to excite the planet Earth (for the transfer of electricity, this instrument has the same significance as a telescope in astronomy). With the help of this invention, Tesla achieved electric movements stronger than those of lightning and produced electricity of such power that it illuminated more than two hundred light bulbs distributed on the ground around the laboratory until the white glow with strong light. Work on the practical realization was interrupted after Tesla had to leave the laboratory in 1915 due to financial problems. The Wardenclyffe Tower was to serve as a base station for energy transmission.
In 1917, Tesla's tower was demolished, which marked the practical end of attempts to realize this idea. Tesla's system was not accepted, although Tesla advocated the realization of these ideas for the rest of his life. It was only in the 21st century that most of these ideas gained practical realization.
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